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Inner Mongolia Xixing specially invited teacher Li Baoyou to explain planting techniques

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The autumn and winter solstice is gradually cold and the temperature is declining. This is the season when everything is withering, but farmers have to worry about how the fruit trees in that field can resist the cold winter and how to increase income in the coming year.

一直以服务三农、惠及三农为宗旨于是特邀我公司植保专家李保友老师前往河南为当地农民讲解农业施肥和果树种植技术有着三十多年植保推广经验的李老师细心地为当地农民讲解果树施肥知识 Inner Mongolia Xixing Plant Nutrition Co., Ltd. has always been serving the three farmers, benefiting the three farmers. Therefore, we specially invited our company's plant protection expert Mr. Li Baoyou to Henan to explain the agricultural fertilization and fruit planting technology to local farmers Carefully explain the knowledge of fertilizing fruit trees for local farmers

Grape seedlings for winter

Mr. Li came to the local "Sancaizizi Garden" to guide everyone on how to sterilize and kill mites to ensure that the grapes can survive the winter.
Mr. Li mentioned that the stone sulfur mixture can be sprayed 3 to 4 degrees before the grapes are buried, which can eliminate the germs and the tea yellow mites during the winter.
PS Stone sulfur mixture is widely used by farmers as a fungicide with significant price and low price, but the cooking process is complicated and negligent, and the expected effect is not achieved.
With formula: use lime: sulfur: water = 1.5: 2: 10. First dissolve each of quick lime and sulfur with water, then, filter out the residue, and then pour it into a pot to cook. Within half an hour, use high fire, fierce fire, when When using a tree branch to remove the green dregs at the bottom of the pot, remove the large heat, change to a low heat, and pour waste engine oil in the pot (you can only use 2-3 millimeters above the liquid in the pot), and cook for about 1 hour. Ready to cook.
Note that when cooking, you must use a clay pot or a pig iron pot, using a copper pot or an aluminum pot will affect the efficacy

Peach tree fertilization and pruning at the second stop

The local fruit farmer asked Li Baoyou a question: "What should I do if the peaches crack and fall off?"
Teacher Li first explained five reasons for the cracking of the peach core:
1. Variety characteristics—Crunchy varieties are more prone to nucleation than densely succulent varieties; rounded varieties are more prone to nucleation than oblong varieties; early and middle-maturing varieties are more prone to nucleation than late and late-maturing varieties.
2.Environmental impacts: Before and after the hard-core period of peaches (that is, during the growth and development of peach nuclei), it is easy to split the nucleus when it encounters excessive rain; when the groundwater level in the soil is too high, poor drainage will also cause the split.
3. Improper cultivation and management-partial application of nitrogen fertilizer and insufficient phosphate fertilizer cause the peach trees to grow too long, and they do not pay much attention to the pruning in summer, which may easily cause cracking nuclei. Control the fertilizer and water as much as possible during the hard nucleus period. If the amount of watering is too large or the amount of nitrogen fertilizer is large, it will cause the peach tree to grow too long, disrupting the rule of fruit development, and the flesh development will compete for more nutrients. Insufficient nutrients and poor hardening. After the hard nucleus period, the fruit enters the second rapid swelling period, and the tensile force produced by the swelling of the pulp will crack the peach core with poor hardness. After the peach core is split, the peach kernel loses its protection and will die prematurely or even mold.
4, nutritional deficiency-calcium deficiency in fruit trees can also cause cracking. In the fruit expansion period, in order to expand fruit as soon as possible, high frequency and excessive application of high-potassium compound fertilizer or water-soluble fertilizer is applied. Excessive intake of potassium fertilizer will inhibit the absorption of calcium by the fruit tree, and induce peach length and calcium deficiency.
5.Premature senescence and fruit stop development caused by diseases and insect pests

So how should we solve it?
Teacher Li has formulated a scientific management plan for everyone:
1. Reasonably plan the facilities of Taoyuan. It is advisable to choose drainage ditches in high-lying land to prevent water accumulation in Taoyuan.
Second, increase the application of organic and biological fertilizers, increase the organic matter content of the soil in the peach garden, and play a role in growing trees and roots.
3. Reasonably control the application of nitrogen fertilizer and increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to prevent the soil of the orchard from being too acidic or alkaline and reduce the soil salinity; spray the boron and calcium fertilizer at the flowering stage and the initial stage of fruit expansion.
Fourth, the peach tree should control water properly in the hard core period to prevent the fruit from softening.
Fifth, strengthen the pruning of the peach tree in summer, balance the tree potential, prevent excessive growth, and improve the ventilation and light transmission performance of the peach tree.
6. Strengthen the work of clearing and clearing the peach tree branches and diseased fruits, and sterilize them with 4-5 degrees Pomerol sulfur mixture. Prevent and control ulcer, perforation, brown rot, and other pests in time.

Third stop
Go to Liyuan Village to explain the pests and diseases of Huang Qiuwan pear.

The problem of poor taste is caused by the excessive use of chemical fertilizers caused by the low content of the mechanism in the soil, supplementing the mechanism in the soil, and improving the taste while increasing the economic benefits of fruit farmers.

Teacher Li here reminds you three things of Lishu Winter:
One: apply base fertilizer before winter——
During the cold dew to frost fall, furrowing and applying base fertilizer is generally suitable for furrowing in the direction of row spacing (groove at 30cm inward at the end of the branch tip). The furrow is 25 to 35 cm wide and the furrow is 30 cm deep. In the full fruit period, the fertilization package for pear trees can be used for Puxing nutritional or insect-resistant biological organic fertilizer 80 kg + Cerella 10 kg + 45% potassium sulfate compound fertilizer 50 kg. After mixing, apply 4 to 6 per tree kg.
Note: If the leaf tree has small leaf disease, early leaves, crisp leaf (virus-like infection) disease, and flower face (virus) disease, you can dig holes in the tree (4 ~ 5 points below the main branch) on the basis of the package. ) Cerella 1 kg.
Second: Tugan cold protection——
Because this year is cold winter, the winter comes early (the temperature drops above 10-12 ° C before and after the beginning of winter), and the temperature drops quickly (it can drop to below 0 ° C within one week after the beginning of winter), so it is a severe test of cold resistance . For this reason, it is necessary to coat or spray dry before and after cold dew to prevent cold. You can add 200 kg of water to 1 kg of Cerella. After soaking for 12 hours, skim 30 kg of water + brown sugar 22 + potassium dihydrogen phosphate 12 + + tebuconazole 1 spray. Spray the branches and side branches.
Third: Winter Shear——
Time: It is advisable to use Xiaohan ~ Lichun, especially the tree that leaves in advance, it is best to prune in Dahan ~ Lichun. There are also trees that suffer from leaflet disease, which are not pruned in winter. After the next summer, pruning in summer to prevent leaflet phenomenon, move backward with the cut.
内蒙古希星植物营养有限公司 Scientific planting can get higher economic benefits. Pay attention to Inner Mongolia Xixing Plant Nutrition Co., Ltd.
Accept more expert guidance to learn more scientific knowledge to be the best farmer!

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