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Knowledge sharing, emotional exchange, reading sharing

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December 9, 2017

运营中心举办了一场别开生面的“读书分享会” The operation center of Inner Mongolia Xixing Plant Nutrition Co., Ltd. held a unique "reading sharing meeting"

Company employees gather in a room

Have to share their favorite texts.

Many people think that the company unit is an office place, and the constant work here is the meaning of their existence. But I forgot the eagerness to learn when I entered the company. The place to learn is never just school.

Books on the bookshelf are neatly arranged

Each book contains infinite knowledge and interesting stories

Always seduce people to browse and read

Everyone sits together in the conference room

Introduce one by one favorite books

Talk about content publication

I can always learn something from my experience

The atmosphere is lively and it makes sense to share

Whether it is the emotionally rich "Ferryman" or the rigorous "Business Review", as long as you have a serious taste and careful thinking, books can always give you unexpected surprises.

The reading and sharing meeting was held,

Gain the unanimous support and recognition of the company

And set off a reading frenzy in the company

Almost a manual break

Either read it carefully or take notes

Stimulated the employees' desire to learn

Improve the reading interest of employees

Driven the company's cultural atmosphere

I have to say that in this era of cyber rampage

Occasionally pick up paper books

Read two good articles

Share a few stories

It ’s also very meaningful.

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