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Organic fertilizer for walnut

Product Category: Special organic fertilizer

Commodity name: Special organic fertilizer for walnut Product parameters: Effective active bacteria ≥ 0 500 million grams of organic matter ≥ 45% Product specification: 40kg Executive standard: NY525-2012 Registration number: Ji Nongfei (2009)

Detailed introduction
Product Name: Organic Fertilizer for Walnut
Product parameters: effective active bacteria ≥50 million / g organic matter ≥45%
Specifications: 40kg
Executive standard: NY525-2012
Registration certificate number: Ji Nongfei (2009) Zhunzi (5129)
Product form: granule / powder

product description:
This product contains 50 million pairs of walnuts most suitable for B. amyloliquefaciens and B. subtilis. It can promote crop rooting, dissolve phosphorus and potassium, repair soil, improve root microbial environment, promote the development of walnut chestnut root system, strong tree vigor, and improve fertilizer absorption and utilization.
1. Synergistic effect of double bacteria: Synergistic effect of double bacteria of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Bacillus subtilis can promote the growth of crops and enhance the drought resistance, cold resistance and waterlogging resistance of fruit trees. Can effectively prevent walnut and chestnut caused by a variety of soil-borne diseases caused by microbial pathogens.
2. Repair the soil : it can enhance soil activity, retain water and moisturize, increase soil organic matter content, balance soil pH, effectively curb soil degradation, and improve soil fertility.
3. Promote root protection: Promote the spread and growth of the main root system, decompose the organic acids in the soil into carbon dioxide, water and amino acids, improve the absorption and utilization of nutrients by the root system, and improve the microbial environment of the root system and effectively resist microbial diseases So as to achieve the role of rooting.
4. Enhancing tree vigor: This product is rich in a variety of medium and trace elements, which can fully guarantee various elements required for crop growth, making crop plants strong, full and uniform fruits, bright colors, better taste, and early fruit maturity. Listed in advance.
Dosage: Can be used as base fertilizer and top dressing. Ditch application, acupoint application and so on. 5-8 kg of fertilization per one (according to tree age, yield and fertilization habits as appropriate)
Applicable crops: walnut tree.
Shelf life: two years
Production date: see certificate of conformity

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