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Special organic fertilizer for yellow peach

Product Category: Special organic fertilizer

Commodity name: Bio-organic fertilizer special for yellow peach organic matter ≥40% effective active bacteria ≥0 500 million g

Detailed introduction
Product Name: Special Organic Organic Fertilizer for Yellow Peach
Organic matter 40% Effective active bacteria ≥ 50 million / g
The special fertilizer is matched according to the normal growth and development, cultivation characteristics, irrigation habits, and required nutrient elements of yellow peach. Using this product can resist diseases and disasters, improve yellow peach's own immunity, and can prevent rot, dry rot, leaf shrinkage, red leaf disease, non-invasive flow gum disease and so on.
1. This product provides the nutrients necessary for the growth of yellow peach, promotes the development of the root system, makes the yellow peach grow quickly, increases the number of branches and leaves of the yellow peach tree, promotes the germination of the parasite, effectively improves the sugar and color of the yellow peach, and promotes the coloration of the berries. Long-term use of fertilizer can make the branches and leaves flourish, and the fruits are sweet and plump.
2. Improve crop ecological environment, restrain soil diseases and insect pests, and resist heavy stubble. This product is rich in active antibacterial, nitrogen-fixing and phosphorus-dissolving biological flora. After application, the beneficial biological flora can multiply, which can effectively inhibit the hatching of pest eggs and the breeding of harmful bacteria. Fusarium wilt and a variety of soil diseases and insect pests have significant effects, prevent the occurrence of repetitive stubble disease, and effectively degrade toxins, chemical drugs and heavy metal residues.
3. Eliminate soil compaction and loosen soil. This product has a better effect of changing ions and adjusting the pH of the soil, improving the soil aggregate structure, and achieving the special effects of ventilation, fertilizer retention, water retention, heat resistance, drought resistance, and cold resistance, which can make the roots expand a large number of complex flora. By synthesizing nitrogen fertilizer from the air, the disease can chelate a variety of inorganic elements that have been fixed by the soil from the soil for absorption by the crop, thereby achieving the effect of regenerating fertilizer.
4. Improve the quality of yellow peach. This product is rich in active substances such as fruits and vegetables, amino acids, nucleic acids, active enzymes, vitamins, etc., which can significantly improve the appearance, color and taste of yellow peach, and increase the sweetness of about 2 degrees.
5. Green, harmless and increase income. In the process of full contact with the soil, it can effectively degrade and purify fertilizers, pesticide residues and toxins in the soil, and improve the quality of yellow peaches. In addition, the trace elements such as boron and zinc rich in this product can improve the peach fruit set rate and improve the yellow peach The nutritional status of peaches improves yield.
Generally, furrow application or acupoint application is used. The amount of acres is 500-1000 kg. The actual amount can be adjusted according to the local fertilization habits or used under the guidance of an agronomist.
The fertilization time is best after the yellow peaches are harvested. If the fertilizer is not applied in time, it can also be carried out during the dormant period of the yellow peaches. Adopt trenching along the side of the yellow peach tree, and be careful not to get too close to the tree, so as to prevent the roots from being too heavy to affect the growth of the yellow peach.
1. Store in a cool place and cover the soil after application to avoid direct sunlight and direct sunlight to prevent ultraviolet sterilization.
2. It is used with chemical fertilizer to prevent sterilization of chemical fertilizer. Try to avoid mixing with some fungicides.
3. Keeping the soil moist is conducive to the growth and reproduction of beneficial microorganisms. After using this fertilizer, it is better to irrigate water.
4. Long hair and long hypha are nutrient-rich, strong bacteria have strong fertility and do not affect fertilizer efficiency.
Shelf life: two years Production date: see certificate

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