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Special soil sterilization fertilizer for pepper

Product Category: Special organic fertilizer

Commodity name: Pepper special soil bactericidal fertilizer Technical index: Organic matter ≥40% Effective active bacteria ≥ 0 500 million grams Executive standard: NY884-2012 Registration certificate number: Microbial fertilizer (2013) Linzi 1915

Detailed introduction
Commodity name: Pepper special soil sterilization fertilizer Technical index: Organic matter ≥40% Effective active bacteria ≥50 million / g Executive standard: NY884-2012
Registration Certificate Number: Microbial Fertilizer (2013) Linzi 1915 Net Content: 40Kg
product description:
This product uses soybean meal, cotton meal, chicken manure as the main raw materials, and scientifically adds amino acids, active enzymes, medium and trace elements, beneficial active flora and complex microorganisms and other soil scarce elements. According to the growth habits of peppers, sweet peppers, Chaotian peppers and other peppers, a special soil bactericidal fertilizer for peppers has been developed, which is currently the best fungal fertilizer for peppers.
This product can be used for base application, acupoint application and top application. Can promote the release of soil nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, and improve fertilizer utilization. After application, the peppers emerged neatly, their roots were developed, and their growth was robust. Colleagues preserved flowers and fruits, and their fruits grew evenly, which significantly increased the yield and cortex of peppers. In addition, more than ten kinds of beneficial bacteria are added, which can destroy a variety of bacteria and fungi in the soil, and especially have significant effects on diseases such as pepper tumbling, standing, anthracnose, root rot, dead seedlings, and rotten roots. It has better control effect on virus disease, blight and soft rot.
This product is specially added: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium ≥5%, crude single white ≥8%, humic acid ≥10%, amino acid ≥12%, trace elements ≥10%
Applicable crops:
This product is suitable for all peppers--chilli, sweet pepper, Chaotian pepper, line pepper, etc.
This product is used in combination with chemical fertilizers to complement each other and enrich nutrients, while increasing the fertilizer utilization rate by up to 15% -30%. Horns, sweet peppers 30kg-40kg per mu, pigmented peppers, Chaotian peppers 15kg-20kg per mu.

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