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Inner Mongolia Xixing Plant Nutrition Co., Ltd. is located in Jinshan Development Zone, Hohhot, covering an area of 162 acres, with a total construction area of 32,500 square meters, of which the production and finished product workshop covers an area of more than 18,000 square meters, and the organic material decomposing workshop covers an area of more than 12,500 square meters. 18 million in capital. The company has 120 employees and an annual output of 300,000 tons of high-quality new fertilizers. The company has 25,000 acres of planting experimental bases.
Inner Mongolia Xixing Plant Nutrition Co., Ltd. has passed: ISO International Quality Management System Certification: ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification: GT / T19630.1 Evaluation of Organic Agricultural Production Capital in the industry.
Through close cooperation with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and China Academy of Soil and Fertilizers, the company has targeted many factors in China such as soil compaction, land pollution, soil acid-base imbalance, and uneven organic fertilizer quality. The testing center has added more testing equipment to the existing laboratory equipment, and strictly observes national standards for testing. All the products sold by the company can be traced to the source to ensure that all the fertilizers sold to customers are qualified products, and are provided free of charge to farmers. Soil testing services, based on soil content, implement one-on-one soil testing and formula fertilization. At the same time, our company actively supports and cooperates with scientific research institutes, colleges and universities in research and technical research, and promotes the industrial development of organic fertilizer scientific and technological achievements.
The company has four professional production lines: organic fertilizer (granular) production line, organic fertilizer (powder) production line, compound fertilizer extrusion granulation production line, BB fertilizer production line. The company's main business: compound microbial fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer, microbial inoculant, liquid microbial inoculant, water-soluble bacterial fertilizer, special fertilizer for fruit trees, special fertilizer for soil improvement, and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer.
The company's products are processed through industrialized system operation processes to produce organic fertilizer and bacterial fertilizer, which fully meet the requirements of the "Central Document No. 1" for the implementation of "fertile soil engineering" and "agricultural ecological protection". In the fields of vegetables, fruit trees, fields, greening, aquaculture, etc., it provides the best quality fertilizers for the Chinese agricultural planting industry.
Inner Mongolia Xixing Plant Nutrition Co., Ltd. always takes high requirements and high quality as its production purpose, and provides trusted organic fertilizer for modern organic agriculture in China. Based on organic principles and nutrition standards, we strive to build a better domestic organic fertilizer enterprise with “advanced technology, qualified quality, and adequate services”, and make greater contributions to the country's modern agricultural infrastructure.

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Factory address: East of East Taimumu Avenue, Xingdao Canal, Jinshan Development Zone, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

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